"The vision for the SRS is to use a single technology platform to consolidate demand and broker supply of all types of resources to Public Service Wales."

Who are the SRS, where did the SRS come from and what do the SRS do
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View a PDF version of the SRS Strategy 2016-2020

SRS Strategy 2016-2020

The SRS has a new Partnership Strategy signed off to 2020, view it below. 


SRS COO Tweets

  • Secure Wifi discussed with our partners yesterday. Pilots in place and looking to roll it out across all partners buildings. #AccessAllAreas
  • Awesome to see life starting to be breathed into our OneWales platform. Really excited to see this build over the coming months.
  • Great collaboration board yesterday. Looking at a joint CRM, a joint Ledger front end, a joint HR / Payroll and OneWales Office 365 🙂
  • On a train from London and Great Western staff just gave everyone a free bottle of water. Nice gesture on a very hot day.

SRS Services

What services does the SRS provide?

SRS Partners

What does it mean to be a partner organisation within the SRS?

SRS Performance

What are the key areas that the SRS is measured against?

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